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And it’s goodbye from her….

You’d think with my penchant for quoting song lyrics, I would have a massive well to draw from this month: Never can say goodbye; Time to say Goodbye; Leaving on a jet plane – no wait – that’s just wishful thinking. This one is more a Hello, Goodbye as I’m leaving Your Elmbridge but Debbie is saying ‘Hello’!

After eleven years I have decided to grant you all your wish and retire from Your Elmbridge. Its been fun and sometimes its been a lot of fun, but its never been boring. Now that retirement beckons I actually find that I can’t wait! I have husbands to look after (well, just the one), cats to feed, grandchildren to entertain, books to write, marathons to run (only joking). Might even redecorate the house….who knows what’s waiting for me?

So, this is my last editorial in my last magazine. From September 1st Debbie will be taking over the Editorial Hot Seat. Her contact details are below so get in touch! She wants to hear all about your events and local news.

So, until we meet in Waitrose/Tesco/Aldi it’s cheerio from me!



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I've been advertising with Your Elmbridge for over three years now. The reason I stay with Shelley is that she gets great results and her local advertising really does work. I always know when the Your Elmbridge magazine has been delivered to homes and businesses before I even receive my own copy because my phone starts ringing like crazy with potential new clients looking for Pilates classes! Thanks Shelley!

Jeannie di Bon
Creattiva Pilates