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A letter to my younger self…

Recently I read Richard Branson’s letter of advice to his younger self. Got me thinking. What advice would I give my younger self? And would my younger self have listened anyway? Being as mired in angst as any 70s teenager worth their salt the answer would likely be ‘no’ – or in the negative, anyway. But, just in case, Shell, let me give you a couple of pointers for the future:

1. You really aren’t as bad as you think you are.
One day you will wish you looked like you did then – honest.

2. One day everyone will have a telephone that they carry in their bag/pocket all the time. Not only can you make calls on it – you can google (yes! a new word!) information on practically anything, anytime. With this you will always be right – as opposed to just thinking you are.

3. That same telephone apparatus thingy will also be a wireless, so no more Radio Luxemburg under the covers late on a Sunday night. Just pop in the ear buds or better still, check out the podcast at a more convenient time. Genius.

4. The Beatles were right all along: All you need is love.

Altogether now!




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