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 May 16 online cover

I’ll make you famous!*

So there I was, pottering around in my local
supermarket (Waitrose, but other supermarkets
are available), when a lovely lady came up to
me and said: ‘I know you, don’t I?’
When I confessed that she probably didn’t, but had seen me here, she proceeded to say nice things about the magazine. Thank you! You have absolutely no idea how much it means to me!

But then I thought, hmmmm, famous at last
then? So I scuttled home and waited for the
phone to ring….surely, the next gig will be ‘The
only way is Surrey’? or ‘I’m not really a celebrity
but get me out of here anyway as I scream a
lot when I see a rat’? or even ‘Nonentity Big

Alas, the phone has been silent, except for
the nice man from Microsoft who identified a
weakness in my security software and offered to
fix it remotely for me. Then there was another
very nice man, who offered to come and collect
all my money and take it to a safe place for me.
All very helpful but no personal appearances

Ah well, back to obscurity it is for me!

( *quoted from Billy the Kid in Young Guns II)



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