Great rates, delivered on time!

There are 10 issues a year (combined December/January and July/August).

Prices vary depending on the size of your ad and the length of the booking.  There are discounts for 3, 6 and 10 issue bookings.

For single month bookings:

Quarter page £80

Half page £135

Full page £235

Double page spread £350

Please note all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Why not book a block of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year (10 issues) at a discount.

Pricing and availability of Premium pages is available on request.

Distribution: 10,000 copies are distributed 10 times per year to selected addresses in Walton, Hersham, Esher, Molesey, Claygate & Hinchley Wood (postcodes: KT8, KT10 and KT12). They are delivered at the start of each month apart from January and August when we don’t produce any magazines. Our delivery route is rotated so that the addresses in our distribution receive every other magazine. The total reach of the magazine is therefore 20,000 addresses.

From February 2020: The distribution will increase to 13,000 copies of each issue, so with our rotated distribution we will reach 26,000 unique addresses. The additional copies will be delivered to addresses in KT13 (Weybridge).

The magazine is delivered as near to the first of the month as possible by a professional, competent team.


We can deliver A5 and smaller loose inserts with the magazine for £50 per 1000

Call us now on 01932 917302 or email for a quote

We accept payment by cheque, BACS transfer or cash.