Six reasons to advertise with yourelmbridge                   

1. People like Local

We’re a local magazine. Our readership is local and our advertisers are local. We connect consumers with high quality services throughout Elmbridge. Local ads in Elmbridge work well.

2. Large Readership

We deliver to 26,000 homes and have an estimated readership of over 40,000. Advertising with yourelmbridge gets your message to potential clients who have the money to spend and want your services.

3. Your Ads Stand Out

There is a good balance of editorial to ads, so you won’t get lost amongst pages and pages of advertisements even though yourelmbridge is an established marketplace.

4. It’s a Great Read

yourelmbridge is an entertaining, general interest read with plenty of information about what’s on locally.  There is something for everyone. It’s the ideal vehicle to get a specific message to your target audience.

5. Professional Production

yourelmbridge is a professionally designed, glossy publication with meticulous editing. Your company will look good and the right message will go to the right market, increasing the likelihood of new business. Your corporate identity is safe in our hands

6. Reputation and Authority

yourelmbridge is a respected magazine with a good reputation.  Your company will be appearing in an environment that will enhance your credibility and authority in your field.